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"I need you" bouquet
"I need you" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
"I need you" bouquet – order with delivery
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Composition: 7 cream roses, 4 white chamomile chrysanthemums, 2 gypsophila, greenery, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The luxurious, sophisticated bouquet "I need you" is composed of regal, elegant cream roses, delicate snow-white daisy chrysanthemums, and airy buds of white gypsophila, arranged in a stylish powdery wrapping with a white satin ribbon.
Cream roses – beautiful and mysterious aristocrats, with a tender, pastel shade that is rarely found in nature. Cream roses always represent elegance and beauty in any setting. The luxurious, delicate buds, composed of trembling petals, give warmth, and amaze with their fragility, sophistication, and grace. The cream rose is an undeniable symbol of youth, the eternal breath of spring, romantic relationships, appreciation, and respect.
White chrysanthemums – the divine music of the Ancient East, symbolizing health, long life, peace, kindness, and love. White chrysanthemums fill the bouquet with light, ease, and are associated with something divine, distant from earthly concerns.
Lush, airy clusters of white gypsophila add tenderness and weightlessness to the bouquet, filling the composition with a fairytale-like sense, meaning, and inspiration. Gypsophila, known as “baby’s breath,” symbolizes emotionality, spirituality, faith, hope, beauty, and the fragility of life.
The bouquet "I need you" is lovingly assembled for the one and only person to whom you want to say: "I need you!", "I will always need you!".
The bouquet "I need you" is a declaration of love, an expression of tenderness and admiration in the language of flowers.
The floral composition "I need you" is a wonderful, touching gift, the embodiment of a dream for a birthday, anniversary, child's birth, or any special occasion.
The bouquet "I need you" is an excellent choice for a romantic date, engagement, creating a festive atmosphere at a wedding, romantic dinner, meeting, or romantic photo session.
The bouquet "I need you" is for those who deeply appreciate the essence of simple things, beauty, and find happiness in the small details.
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