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Using these recommendations, you can extend the life of cut flowers that they could please you with itheir beauty as long as possible.

How to care of cut flowers

 1. Remove packing, flowers should breathe. In packing stalks of plants are quickly well stewed and the flower perishes, therefore, if you want, the bouquet to please you for some days, packing should be removed.

 2. Put stalks of plants under cool flowing water (approximately for 10-15 minutes), it will help to restore the lost moisture a little;

 3. Remove the bottom leaves and unnecessary runaways from stalks to a water level in a vase;

 4. By means of a sharp knife cut off a tip of each stalk at an acute angle. The stalks should be cut under water then flowers will absorb it better;

 5. If flowers have wilted a little, place them completely in the big capacity with water (the big deep basin, a bath) for 2 or 3 hours. In this time they will become impregnated with a moisture and will look fresh. Now flowers can be put in a vase, that was filled with water of indoor temperature.

 6. For flowers on a long leg choose a high vase so that loading on stalks was minimum. If you have received a composition in a vase or in a basket don't forget to add to it some cold water every day.

Cut flowers shouldn’t be put on direct sun rays, near to heating systems and on drafts. Flowers remain fresh better  in well aired cool room. Also don't place cut flowers near to mature fruit.               


  Don’t be  lazy to change water, to wash out stalks and to update cuts of flowers for several  centimeters! If you make this procedure at least every day – your bouquet will please you with freshness for a long time.

Cut flowers are short-lived. But there are some councils how to make their life lomger.


 1. Sharp change of environment is adverse for flowers. Therefore when bring them home, don't place at once in a drawing room or a sleeping room. Leave them in a hall that they have got used to house temperature.

 2. Put flowers in a vase, having convinced that their stalks are accurately cut by a knife or scissors under flowing water. Don't forget to remove all leaves from the bottom part of a stalk which will be in water.

 3. The flowers collected in a bouquet, usually don't have a moisture. Be convinced that you have poured water enough in a vase.

 4. Put flowers in warm water then they will absorb more moisture.

 5. Flowers on flexible stalks need to be cut off at an angle to a leg.

 6. From time to time check if it is necessary to add water to a vase – flowers shouldn't remain without it. It is especially important in hot weather and in houses with a central heating.

 7. Add in water for flowers of liquid ammonia or sugar – and cut flowers will stay longer.

 8. Besides, be convinced that water for flowers is pure, in other way they will wilt quicly.

 9. Never leave flowers under the influence of direct sun rays.


Alstromeria. A vase with alstromerias should be washed as often as it is possible. Cut alstromeria keeps freshness in average one and a half — two and a half a weeks.

remain fresh about three weeks. It is necessary to cut carnations’ stalks regularly, without taking out from water, and delete the bottom leaves. The carnation feels well in 2-5 %-s' solution of sugar, needs spraying.

Gerbers don’t stay fresh very long, so the vse for gerbers should be washed carefully and some disinfectants and fertilizers for cut flowers should be added to the water. The stalk of a flower can be pierced above and below, or vertically to make an incision from below. Gerbers need frequent changing of the water. The cut should be refreshed constantly.

Irises . This flower lives for about two days, simultaneously other buds continue to open. Cut  irises remain fresh in water from one to one and a half weeks.

are capable to please an eye about one and a half weeks. The ends of stalks need to be split and placed in cold water. In process of withering bottom flowers on a stalk should be deleted.

Orchids keep freshness from a week to about one month.

Roses demand special leaving. The first that it is necessary to make with the rose that is brought into the house — to cut off from it thorns. Then cut a stalk, split or shatter it. Faded leaves and rose-petals need to be deleted at once. It is not recommended to hold a rose in one vese with other flowers. We will notice that both in water, and in damp moss a rose remain fresh for about ten days. If the rose quickly withers, it is possible to accept emergency measures: to update cuts on a stalk and to lower it in very hot water for two-three minutes. In water with acidity of рН4 roses keep freshness about ten days. These flowers need spraying.

Tulips become wilted quickly enough . But nevertheless, if the stalks of a  wilted flowers will be lowered into a hot water, it will help them to return freshness. Preliminary it is necessary to update cuts and wrap them into a paper: it will help to straighten stalks. A branch of a juniper, a cypress, a thuja will help to prolong tulips’ life.

Fressiass To keep a smell of a plant it is placed into a cellophane package or turn into a pergament paper. The ends of stalks need to be cut a little before putting flowers into water. Fressiass quickly fade in the warm room. Fressiass keep freshness lobger if there is some sugar; also the flowers could be put into the cold room for nighttime. Fressiass need spraying.

Chrysanthemums keep freshness and brightness excellently. These cut flowers demand the bare leaving: regular changing of the water and removal of all leaves from the bottom part of a stalk.
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