Feedback on flower delivery across Kyiv and Ukraine -

mansur nosrati, – 17.01.2023
I appreciate your service, thank you once again
Bogdana, – 31.12.2022
Щиро вдячна за якісну продукція і вчасну доставку! Все буде Україна:)
Max Pinucci, – 24.12.2022
A great service: every time perfect. Lots of assortment, a wide range of prices, flawless delivery, constant feedback and excellent customer care. Congratulations from Italy
Nadia, – 12.12.2022
Величезне дякую ! Завжди задоволена вашими послугами.
David Broadwell, – 04.12.2022
I love your service , my girl that I love , enjoys the flowers and gifts you provide. Дякую дуже добре.
Teus Mos, – 03.12.2022
Very good service, thank you
martin hastings, – 03.12.2022
Very pleased, thank you
Thorsten, Germany – 07.11.2022
Super service, super quality, thank you
Frederic Marque, – 30.10.2022
Joseph Gaude, – 19.10.2022
I always have excellent service with Flowers.UA! Always. Super reliable and fast!
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