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999 uah
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Composition: 9 white roses, 2 gypsophila, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The exquisite composition "Duet" is made up of elegant white roses and delicate, airy gypsophila inflorescences, arranged in a stylish package with satin ribbons. Royal white roses are the foundation of the "Duet" composition. Unique, graceful, snow-white, with ruffled, wavy, curling petals, white roses symbolize mutual understanding, harmony, happiness, warmth, purity, and a measured life. The elegance, magnificence, and aristocracy of white roses are highlighted by the airy gypsophila inflorescences, which embody sincere feelings, tenderness, and love. Roses and gypsophila complement each other harmoniously, creating an atmosphere of trust, love, admiration, innocence, and purity. A duet is an ensemble of two performers or a musical piece for two singers. The "Duet" composition is a gift that unites two loving hearts. The "Duet" bouquet is so versatile that it is hard to imagine an occasion where it would be inappropriate. A luxurious bouquet will be suitable for any celebration: anniversary, wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary, successful exam completion, professional holiday, as a sign of reconciliation. The "Duet" composition brings a calm, serene, festive atmosphere to the home, symbolizing harmonious and emotionally fulfilling relationships. Give white roses "Duet" – unite your hearts!
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