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The exquisite, luxurious composition "Edith Piaf" is made up of elegant white roses, creamy bush roses, and pink alstroemerias, arranged in a stylish basket of white natural vines with delicate pink satin ribbons. The basis of the floral arrangement is roses. The unique white rosebuds with ruffled petals, delicate and graceful, symbolize sincere, faithful relationships, purity, and youth. Elegant, tender creamy and pink roses with perfectly shaped flowers and velvety petals embody love, spirituality, and divinity. Pink alstroemerias represent fragility and strength, brightness, and tenderness, all in one flower. The magic of the flower is so strong that it can melt and warm the coldest heart. Alstroemerias and roses, united in the "Edith Piaf" composition, are a declaration of love. "You are unique and inimitable" – that's how the composition speaks in the language of flowers. Unique and inimitable, like Edith Piaf – the soul of Paris – indomitable, inspired, petite, fragile, and a Great Woman who sang about love so that the whole world could hear. The gift floral arrangement "Edith Piaf" is an exquisite gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and baby showers. A bouquet in a gift basket is a memorable present for a teacher in honor of graduation, for a professor, or a leader. The "Edith Piaf" composition is a wonderful gift for creative people. This bouquet is a luxurious decoration for a romantic dinner, a wedding table, a hotel interior, a business reception, a formal dinner, a family celebration, or a romantic photo shoot.
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