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Basket of flowers "Way to the Heart"
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1559 uah
1949 uah
Composition: 2 альстромерії, 3 гілки кущових кремових троянд, 5 білих троянд, 2 гіпсофіли, зелень, кошик, оформлення.
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The floral arrangement "Path to the Heart" is composed of luxurious, elegant white roses, cream spray roses, cream alstroemeria, and lace-like white gypsophila, all beautifully arranged in a stylish, designer wicker basket.
Delicate, pristine, sophisticated white roses form the basis of the composition. The white rose – the queen among roses – has an unmatched color with a slight creamy tint and a classic cup shape composed of ruffled, wavy, velvety petals. The white rose symbolizes sincere feelings, faithful relationships, embodying grandeur, harmony, mutual understanding, purity, and youth. Its color holds sacred significance, representing everything divine, pure, and far from earthly concerns.
Cream spray roses, with elegant, velvety petals creating a perfect and stunning flower shape, speak of love, offering warmth, softness, tranquility, and tenderness.
Enchanting, touchingly delicate alstroemerias are among the most beautiful and exquisite flowers. Peruvian lilies of the Incas – flowers kissed by the Sun – are magical, enchanted, woven into tales and legends. Alstroemerias can melt the coldest heart. They symbolize long-lasting and strong friendship, understanding, love, and admiration.
Simple, tender, lace-like clusters of gypsophila fill the "Path to the Heart" composition with gentle breath, fairy tale, meaning, inspiration, and remind us of the beauty and fragility of life. Gypsophila – "the breath of childhood" – symbolizes deep spirituality, sincerity, faith, and hope.
The flowers in the "Path to the Heart" basket tell a story of love, tenderness, faith, and loyalty.
The "Path to the Heart" basket is a beautiful, touching gift for a loved one on their birthday, anniversary, milestone, or a child's birthday.
The floral arrangement in the "Path to the Heart" basket is the perfect choice for a romantic date, engagement, family celebration, or wedding. The "Path to the Heart" basket ideally complements the decoration of a wedding ritual, romantic photo shoot, or advertising shoot.
The flowers in the "Path to the Heart" basket are all about love. Hold hands, feel each other! Among thousands of words about love, let the main ones always be: "We will always be together!"
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