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Composition: 5 peonies, gypsophila, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The delightful composition "Spring in Luoyang" is made up of magnificent pink peonies and charming pink gypsophila, arranged in a stylish package with a pink satin ribbon. Pink peonies, with their delicate petals gathered into lacy buds, possess natural charm and vibrant uniqueness. They captivate with their beauty, mystery, romance, and delightful fragrance. The delicate pink shade and unique flower shape make the composition one of a kind. Pink peonies are not just beautiful flowers; they primarily convey a mood: lyrical, bright, and kind. Peonies are flowers that bring good luck, symbolizing romantic feelings, tenderness, and love, a source of joy and inspiration. In the "Spring in Luoyang" composition, peonies are immersed in a pink cloud of lightness – buds of pink gypsophila. The delicate little buds of gypsophila give the bouquet an exquisite charm and originality. This bouquet makes you want to press it to your cheek and feel the gentle touches of the flowers for a long time, an indescribable fragrance of the world-renowned peony festival in the city of Luoyang. Luoyang, the city of peonies, gathers peony aesthetes from all over the world once a year, who strive to capture and remember the bloom and aroma of the divine flower. The "Spring in Luoyang" bouquet is a wonderful gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, first dates, romantic meetings, and graduations. The delicate flowers with a sweet honey scent will be an excellent start to a long and happy life for a young couple, complement the decor of any celebration, and create a unique atmosphere. Celebrate the day with your loved ones when hearts beat in unison!
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