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"Pink Cloud" bouquet – from
"Pink Cloud" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
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659 uah
732 uah
Composition: 1 pink hydrangea, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery date: May 27th, 2024.
Bouquet "Pink Cloud" made of airy, amazing, lace delicate pink hydrangea inflorescence. The name of the bouquet is self-explanatory. Weightless, delicate, elegant hydrangea - a symbol of purity, modesty, warmth and femininity. Like a pink cloud illuminated at dawn by the first rays of the sun, it floats in the air above the ground as a gentle reminder of the luxury of the imperial gardens of the Land of the Rising Sun. Surprisingly elegant hydrangea, like a phenomenon that has collected all the positive feminine traits and beauty. It is not without reason that hydrangea is a flower for ladies. It gives self-confidence, success, harmony, emotional peace, fills the soul with joy and ease. Hydrangea is a symbol of happiness and thriftiness in the house. Bouquet "Pink Cloud" is a wonderful gift to your favorite woman. The pink hydrangea is so perfect that the age of the woman does not matter. The bouquet will appeal to a young daughter and grandmother, wife, sister, favorite girl. Bouquet "Pink Cloud" does not need an occasion, event, solemn atmosphere. It itself creates a reason for a holiday and makes an ordinary day an event. Presented on a birthday, at a romantic meeting, wedding anniversary, on the day of engagement, a bouquet of pink hydrangea will leave unforgettable impressions.
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