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"25 roses Jumilia" bouquet
"25 roses Jumilia" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
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1499 uah
1874 uah
Composition: 25 Jumilia roses, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The luxurious "Jumilia" mono-bouquet composition made of 25 regal roses of the "Jumilia" variety, adorned with stylish cream and delicate pink ribbons. The "Jumilia" rose is a vibrant member of the royal family, a flower that cannot be mistaken for any other rose.
"Jumilia" is a rare and beautiful rose variety, known for its powerful, slender, long stems with dense, lush, dark green glossy leaves topped with large goblet-shaped buds. The color palette of this rose is unusual: a romantic contrast of creamy white at the base that smoothly transitions to a berry-pink edge. The dual coloration of the petals makes the rose look extraordinary and attracts attention.
The delicate sweet-floral notes of its subtle aroma envelop the lush buds with lacy edges, evoking the essence of a fine, sophisticated perfume. The striking creamy-white roses with bright raspberry blush are not only uniquely beautiful but also have a fascinating name – "Jumilia." The name "Jumilia" is a combination of two Latin words: "jovi," meaning Jupiter, and "milia," creating an extraordinary name for this rare and beautiful variety.
A bouquet of 25 regal "Jumilia" roses symbolizes deep love and affection, an expression of the most sincere and passionate feelings, an elegant declaration or reminder of those feelings.
The charming "Jumilia" roses are perfect for a bridal bouquet, adding a vibrant accent and beautifully complementing the bride's look. These enchanting two-tone roses will adorn the wedding celebration, create a festive atmosphere, and captivate guests with their beauty.
The mono-bouquet of 25 "Jumilia" roses is a refined choice for those with good taste, making a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or a child’s birthday.
25 roses make the ideal decoration for a romantic dinner, a family celebration, a romantic photo shoot, or an advertising campaign.
A mono-bouquet of 25 roses is a lovely compliment for a beloved woman and an excellent way to express your feelings and admiration.
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