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Monobouquet "25 El Toro roses"
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Composition: 25 red El Toro roses, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The exquisite monobouquet composition is crafted from 25 red El Toro roses, arranged in stylish pearlescent packaging with a red ribbon. This luxurious beauty with its bright fiery color and gorgeous wavy petals is named after the Spanish town El Toro, which translates to "bull." Its unique wavy, curled petal edges and red buds are synonymous with the red cloth, an essential attribute of the corrida, the grand national spectacle of Spain. The shape of the petals and their crimson tone evoke the image of the red skirts of Spanish dancers, flowing in rhythm with their movements, immersing us in the beautiful beats of the flamenco dance. The red rose is the undisputed queen among roses. Since ancient times, the red rose has symbolized love. In the language of flowers, red roses symbolize passionate love, serious intentions, strong relationships, and an invitation to a romantic date. Large bouquets of scarlet roses embody admiration, honor, and reward. The monobouquet of 25 red El Toro roses is perfect for birthday congratulations, anniversaries, engagements, or wedding anniversaries with wishes for happiness and success. A bouquet of red roses will adorn the setting of any celebration, a romantic photo shoot, a candlelit dinner, or an advertising campaign. The composition of 25 red roses speaks louder than a thousand words, creates a festive atmosphere, and leaves a lasting memory. We create bouquets for special moments in your life. We aim to turn any moment into something special, so you feel as you’re meant to – in the starring role of the most beautiful play called Life!
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