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Cat For you, 30 cm
Cat For you, 30 cm – delivery in Ukraine
Cat For you, 30 cm – order with delivery
499 uah
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A cute, cheerful, gentle, and soft plush cat "For you" – a gift for you.
Cats are graceful creatures. In nature, they are light, soft, and elegant. Their gracefulness carries a spiritual significance.
Cats symbolize flexibility, adaptability to changes, and the ability to navigate complex situations. Their ability to maintain balance makes them symbols of achieving harmony in our lives, balancing work, relaxation, and personal time.
Cats are unmatched masters of relaxation, finding peace, and meditation.
Cats possess a sensitive nature and keen intuition, making them symbols of mysticism and magic. Any replica of a cat carries a part of its character.
The plush toy cat "For you" – a cheerful, cute copy of a beloved pet, a lucky charm for its owner.
"For you" cat – bright, beige with a cute red heart, of high quality, pleasant to the touch – a wonderful gift. The materials from which the toy is made do not contain harmful, toxic substances and are safe for health.
The pink "For you" cat will not leave a loved one indifferent and will delight a child, perfectly complementing the interior of a children's room.
"For you" cat will bring moments of joy, happiness, a million tender hugs, and memories.

Toy height:
 30 cm
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