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Basket of flowers "Someday"
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Composition: 2 pink eustomas, 3 blue eustomas, 5 white roses, gypsophila, greenery, basket, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery time for today: From 09:00, if order payment is up to 08:30.
The luxurious floral arrangement "Someday" is composed of elegant, tender white roses, blue and pink eustomas, and lush, airy white gypsophila, beautifully arranged in a stylish designer wicker basket.
Royal white roses, the pristine sophistication and gentle accent of the floral composition, are the central focus. With their classic flower shape, velvety porcelain-like petals tinged with creamy hues, the elegant white color, and a delicate enticing fragrance, they truly are the queen of roses. The white rose symbolizes sincere, faithful relationships, embodying grandeur, harmony, and mutual understanding. The white color represents youth, purity, and something divine, distant from earthly concerns.
Pink and blue eustomas add a touch of elegance and luxury. These flowers, often referred to as prairie bells kissed by the sun, are considered a symbol of generosity, success, and admiration. Their charming buds, composed of delicate, airy, fluttering petals, crown slender graceful stems. Eustomas symbolize everlasting beauty, refined taste, the sun, and positive emotions. Many cultures view eustomas as a talisman against misfortune. In Mexico, their blooming heralds the arrival of warmth, spring, and summer.
A white, airy, enchanting cloud of gypsophila fills the composition with a gentle breath, fairy tale essence, meaning, and inspiration, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of life. The delicate, lace-like white blooms of gypsophila – known as "the breath of childhood" – symbolize faith, sincerity, hope, and profound spiritual growth.
The floral arrangement in the "Someday" basket tells a story of your love, sincere feelings, deep emotions, and your relationship with a dear person. It’s a declaration that will one day play a key role in your love story.
Flowers in the "Someday" basket make for a wonderful, touching gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and children's birthdays.
The "Someday" basket is the perfect choice for a romantic date, engagement, party decoration, gathering, reception, photo shoot, or advertising photography.
Once you hold hands, tell your loved one the words "We will always be together!" and gift them the flowers in the "Someday" basket.
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