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"Independency" bouquet
"Independency" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
"Independency" bouquet – order with delivery
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Composition: 1 blue hydrangea, 11 yellow roses, 3 blue eustomas, 3 yellow daisy chrysanthemums, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The luxurious bouquet "Independency" is composed of lush blue hydrangeas, elegant blue eustomas, royal yellow roses, and delicate yellow chrysanthemums, arranged in a stylish blue pearlescent wrapping with a white satin ribbon.
Yellow, bright, with stunningly vibrant buds, roses are a golden alternative to the classic red. The yellow rose is the sun queen of flowers. The color of the sun, fire, and gold – it represents energy, freedom, balance, inner harmony, and independence. Golden roses always symbolize warmth, luxury, wealth, a blend of sweet honey with bright sunshine. In the East, yellow colors are a worthy gift for successful and wealthy people.
Yellow chrysanthemums – "golden flowers" – the music of the Ancient East. Among flowers, chrysanthemums hold a special role. They symbolize longevity, wealth, prosperity, kindness, and sincerity. The tender, trembling petals of chrysanthemums exhibit sunniness, positivity, happiness, and bring optimism and good mood. Chrysanthemums are flowers with the status of the "sun," representing femininity, tranquility, abundance, and friendship.
A touch of elegant luxury in the "Independency" composition is added by hydrangeas and eustomas of heavenly, blue shades.
The blue, surprisingly beautiful eustoma buds, composed of delicate trembling petals, express tenderness, passion, and sophistication in the language of flowers. Eustomas – prairie bells of the Native Americans, shrouded in myths and legends, are considered a mystical talisman against troubles and misfortunes by many cultures.
The lush, lace-like, incomparable blue hydrangea is a delightful part of the "Independency" floral composition. Blue hydrangea embodies grace and modesty. The refined aristocrat is a beautiful and multifaceted symbol of tranquility, serenity, care, warmth, friendship, and mutual understanding.
The bouquet "Independency" speaks of freedom, love, tenderness, confidence in one's abilities, and the right choice made.
"Independency" is the perfect bouquet for expressing appreciation, gratitude, and deep feelings.
Independency allows you not to wait for the right moment; it turns any moment into the right one.
The bouquet "Independency" is a wonderful, touching gift for an anniversary, birthday, meeting with old friends or business partners, and a decoration for a wedding ceremony.
The "Independency" composition will create a festive atmosphere at a dinner, family celebration, corporate event, themed photo session, or promotional shoot.
Give flowers, conquer the universe, hold hands, feel each other and remember: "Independency is the foundation of happiness, freedom is the blueprint of happiness, and will is the building material."
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