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"19 roses Mighty" bouquet
Composition: 19 Mighty coral roses, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The luxurious monobouquet composition "Mighty" is crafted from 19 enchanting royal roses of the "Mighty" variety, adorned with a stylish satin ribbon. The "Mighty" rose is a striking representative of the regal Mighty family – a beautiful, vibrant rose variety that is unmistakable. 
It is distinguished by strong, long stems and lush, glossy dark green leaves. The tall stems are topped with large buds – classic "goblets" in shape, framed by sepals that add a touch of elegance to the flower.
The "Mighty" rose boasts an unusual color palette, featuring an amazing blend of natural orange, yellow, and light orange hues. Each bud has its own unique "main" shade, which is never repeated. Orange roses are incredibly striking and stunningly beautiful. "Mighty" roses are vivid yet not ostentatious or bold; they are luxuriously captivating in a regal manner. They bring peace and tranquility. The color orange symbolizes love. Orange roses are a symbol of love, joy, and happiness. This orange composition brings people closer, reflects the culmination of affection and adoration, and signifies a transition to a new level of relationships.
The monobouquet of 19 "Mighty" roses can serve as a gift for close ones, relatives, or colleagues. It is an excellent choice for birthdays, weddings, romantic dates, the birth of a child, engagements, as a token of gratitude, or as a reunion gift after a long separation. 
Orange roses will adorn the decor of any celebration, family gathering, business or romantic dinner, or romantic photo shoot. Orange roses make a wonderful decoration for wedding arches and festive garlands.
If your loved ones or acquaintances are going through tough times, send them "Mighty" roses. Such a surprise will undoubtedly lift their spirits!
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