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"11 Athena Royale roses" bouquet
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The exquisite mono-bouquet arrangement is composed of 11 luxurious royal pink roses of the "Athena Royale" variety, arranged in a stylish craft packaging with a soft pink satin ribbon.
The "Athena Royale" rose – delicate, unusual, unique pink member of the royal "Athena Royale" family – is a magnificent decorative variety of roses that cannot be ignored. Its distinctive features include tight, strong long stems with dense, lush, glossy dark green leaves.
Against the dark green background of the leaves, the delicate, large buds – "goblets" of classic shape – create a contrast. The "Athena Royale" rose has an "ash pink" color – pink with hints of green shades.
Such a color palette is difficult to describe in words. The amazing combination of white-pink, dark blue, ashen, greenish, light yellow multi-colors makes the flower attractive and unique. Each bud is different from the other, having its own shade that does not repeat, the edges of the petals seem to be specially aged to give the flower a palace luxury look.
Single, tall, with an unusual pink color, graceful – the unique "Athena Royale" roses create the impression of vintage porcelain. They are spectacular, royally luxurious, attract attention, bring peace and tranquility, and have a subtle, soft, delicate fragrance.
Pink color signifies romance, kindness, love, passion. Pink color evokes a sense of comfort, calms, creates an aura of purity and lightness.
Pink roses are the perfect way to add touches of beauty and elegance to any celebration or holiday. They are rightfully a classic symbol of love, grace, elegance, and admiration.
There are countless reasons to give or receive one of the most beloved flowers in the world.
Whether you receive them as a gift, give pink roses yourself, or simply enjoy their beauty – it always brings positive emotions and a good mood.
The luxurious mono-bouquet of 11 "Athena Royale" roses is a wonderful gift for loved ones, relatives, friends, and colleagues. It will decorate a birthday, romantic date, child's birthday, engagement, or a reunion after a long separation.
Due to their romantic and delicate nature, pink roses are a popular choice for wedding celebrations. They can be used to create a soft and elegant image of the bride, for the central floral arrangements of the wedding table, or to decorate the festive arch. The shade of the "Athena Royale" roses is ideal for a wedding celebration.
A mono-bouquet of 11 "Athena Royale" pink roses will adorn any celebration, family holiday, romantic dinner, or photo session.
Pink roses are eternal classics, admiration, and luxury!
Decorate your or someone else's day with a beautiful bouquet of "Athena Royale" pink roses. Delight your loved ones with a bouquet that looks like it came from the picturesque palace paintings of the Renaissance era.

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