How to care for flower arrangements

To ensure a flower composition will last longer, it’s essential to create favorable conditions for it at home. Here’s what you need to do:

Flowers in a box

Flowers in a box "Unearthly beauty"

  • If a bouquet is brought from the cold, don't put it in the vase right away. It needs at least 10-15 minutes to adapt to the ambient temperature.
  • A bouquet should be placed away from a heater, conditioner, draughts, and direct sunlight.
  • Flowers and fruit aren’t great neighbors. Fruit emits ethylene, which is destructive to flowers, therefore it’s important to keep them apart.
  • Make sure to regularly moisten the sponge, which florists use in making flower arrangements. The higher the ambient temperature is, the more often you’ll need to do it.
  • Use water that was settled for a few hours.
  • Make sure the water is not too hot. It should be of the ambient temperature or a little cooler.
  • Don’t spray flower buds.
  • Once every three days, wipe the leaves of the flowers with a damp cloth or spray them with water.
  • Remove any wilted leaves or petals to prevent healthy ones from rotting.

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