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Композиція "Санремо" – від
Композиція "Санремо" – доставка по Україні
Композиція "Санремо" – замовити з доставкою
Склад: 3 гілки кущової рожевої троянди, 1 кг полуниці, біле вино, флористичний матеріал, оформлення.
Гарантія якості: Квіти простоять 5 днів або ми замінимо букет
Найближчий час доставки: Сьогодні з 09:00, при сплаті замовлення до 08:30.

The gift composition "Sanremo" is assembled from delicate pink roses, juicy, fragrant strawberries, includes a bottle of white wine, and is packed in a stylish gift craft box. The basis of the composition is a sweet, summery, fragrant berry - strawberries. It has a special shape resembling a heart. Thanks to this, it is considered a symbol of love. Ancient belief says that if the berry is divided into two halves and given to two people to eat, a romantic feeling will surely arise between them. In the Middle Ages, strawberries embodied perfection and righteousness, in Bosch's paintings - temptation, sensual pleasure. In the "Sanremo" composition, the abundance of strawberries is adorned with luxurious, elegant pink roses, symbolizing love, tenderness, the beginning of relationships, sincere sympathy, and anticipation of reciprocity. White wine is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of exquisite tastes and pleasures, summer and celebration, colors, songs, and vernissages. An invitation to the world of San Remo - "the city of flowers", sea, beaches, songs, festivals, summer holidays. Strawberries themselves are already a gastronomic pleasure, and in combination with good wine - an unforgettable taste art, supplemented by gorgeous pink roses - an exquisite unique gift. A gift that will adorn any event, create unique moments, give the event a special atmosphere of celebration and luxury. The "Sanremo" bouquet is a unique harmony of a romantic dinner, a family celebration, meeting with friends. The composition will decorate a birthday, wedding anniversary, jubilee, successful project completion, housewarming, photo shoot. The "Sanremo" bouquet will be a relevant gift for parents for the "strawberry wedding" - the 33rd anniversary of married life.
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