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Houseplant "Phalaenopsis" (Orchid) – from
Houseplant "Phalaenopsis" (Orchid) - delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Phalaenopsis" (Orchid) - order with delivery
1499 uah
Description of the plant:
Favorite Phalaenopsis orchids are epiphytic plants with a long stem and three to five large fleshy leaves arranged in double rows. At home, many different types of phalaenopsis are known. The stem of the plant is vertical, often very shortened, the leaves are wide and shiny, collected in a rosette.
The plant produces aerial roots and flower stalks from the axils between the leaves. The number of leaves in an adult plant, as a rule, varies from 4 to 6, their length is 5-30 cm.
Color: assorted.
Watering: The natural habitat of orchids is the crown of the trees, with the roots hanging down freely. That is why the soil cannot be waterlogged, otherwise the roots will rot. It is recommended to water orchids once a week, drain excess water 20 minutes after watering
Pot: A clear plastic pot is best for an orchid. The roots will receive enough light, and you will be able to accurately determine the watering time: the roots will turn white or grayish. Clay pots are not excluded at all, then you should carefully monitor the moisture of the soil. Choose a pot with a drainage hole.
Leaving after flowering: The stem is cut after flowering: 1) either above the 3rd eye from the pot - after a couple of months the plant will bloom again 2) or, leaving 3 cm from the pot, a stronger stem will form, which will take longer.

Color: assorted.

Height: up to 70 cm.

Nearest delivery time for today: From 12:00, if order payment is up to 11:30.

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