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"Victoria" composition
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Composition: 2 blue hydrangeas, 3 alstroemerias, 2 gypsophila, greenery, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The exquisite arrangement "Victoria" is composed of luxurious blue hydrangea, pink alstroemerias, and delicate, airy gypsophila buds, wrapped in stylish blue and pearlescent paper with a soft pink satin ribbon.
The base of the "Victoria" bouquet is the blue hydrangea, a flower that evokes the sophistication of the French and the restraint of the British. Hydrangea is something timeless, maintaining its beauty and evoking nostalgia. Its romantic style, vintage charm, lack of ostentation, modesty, and natural elegance are embodied in the lush, unassuming, abundant clusters of blue hydrangea. In the language of flowers, hydrangea speaks of modesty, purity, and grace. It does not boast striking beauty; instead, it reveals itself gradually and delicately, filling the heart with joy and positivity, offering lightness and warmth to the soul. Blue hydrangea symbolizes confidence and tranquility.
The exquisite, lace-like, airy clusters of hydrangea are complemented by delicate pink alstroemerias. Pink alstroemerias, sacred flowers gifted by the Sun God, the Peruvian lilies of the Incas, filled with mystique and magic, symbolize spiritual kinship, care, closeness, and serve as a talisman against misfortune.
Delicate, airy clusters of gypsophila embody sincerity and love, adding weightlessness and lightness to the bouquet.
The floral arrangement "Victoria" is a triumph of elegance, allure, and beauty. Victoria, the goddess and bringer of victory, is depicted as a graceful woman draped in a flowing tunic, a light, graceful angelic figure. Her image adorned coins, and her statues embellish arches and historical monuments around the world. We named this floral arrangement after her—a light, airy creation, like the wings and robes of the goddess, bringing victory. The luxurious "Victoria" bouquet is a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and children's birthdays.
"Victoria" will bring a wealth of positive emotions and unforgettable pleasant impressions, becoming a striking decoration for the interior of any celebration and attracting victory. The expressiveness, natural beauty, and grace of the flowers will create a festive atmosphere and elevate the mood.
The floral arrangement "Victoria" is the best, most unexpected gift of all!
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