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Bouquet "Patterns of the sky" – from
Bouquet "Patterns of the sky" - delivery in Ukraine
Bouquet "Patterns of the sky" - order with delivery
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Description of the bouquet:
Bouquet "Patterns of the sky" is an exciting play of colors and textures created by cute flowers of static. Light and airy, it will give you a feeling of lightness and harmony, as if the breeze is floating through the sky. This delicate bouquet is a small masterpiece of nature that will surely bring you joy and peace.

The interweaving of static in the "Patterns of the Sky" bouquet creates an unforgettable image, reminding us of the unchanging beauty of nature and the majesty of the amazing heavens. Each branch of static, like a small piece of heaven, is woven into this bouquet with care and love. Give these beautiful flowers to those who want to give a piece of boundless harmony and sophistication.

Composition: 31 branches of statics, design.

Nearest delivery time for today: From 09:00, if order payment is up to 08:30.

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