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The exquisite composition "Rhapsody of Late Spring" consists of vibrant pink roses, white daisy chrysanthemums, white alstroemerias, and pink matthiolas, arranged in stylish powdery packaging with white satin ribbons. The concertmaster in this magnificent floral orchestra is the pink rose. Its solo part is about tender feelings, admiration, gratitude, delicate sympathy, and gentle love. White chrysanthemums represent the music of the Ancient East, embodying health, long life, peace, kindness, and love. White alstroemerias, the lilies of the Incas, are the music of Peruvian legends about friendship and loyalty, respect and understanding. The exquisite beauty of the lush clusters of pink matthiola speaks of tenderness, romance, and love. The language of music is universal. Music doesn’t need words; they come later, forming rhymes with their own life, inspiring and enchanting. Victor Hugo said that music expresses what cannot be put into words; the language of flowers also doesn’t need words. For many millennia, flowers have spoken without words about the beauty, joy, and perfection of nature. The "Rhapsody of Late Spring" bouquet is a suggestion for people with good taste, a fine gift for a birthday, anniversary, professional holiday, child’s birthday, engagement day, or graduation evening. The "Rhapsody of Late Spring" bouquet is a wonderful compliment to a woman, expressing admiration. This composition will perfectly decorate any celebration and photoshoot. Flowers are a symbol of good mood, spring, summer, and happiness!
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