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The delicate, exquisite, and refined bouquet "Konpeito" is composed of elegant clusters of lilac and white matthiolas, presented in stylish powder packaging with satin ribbon. Beautiful matthiolas of delicate shades, with lush inflorescences, are among the oldest ornamental plants. Their exquisite beauty and subtle trailing aroma once filled the gardens of Ancient Greece. Matthiolas have preserved not only their beauty but also their significance. In the language of flowers, they gift us beauty and naturalness, tenderness, romance, joy, happiness, symbolizing gracefulness, refined taste. The clusters of matthiolas closely resemble konpeito – small and very sweet Japanese candies, with unusual shapes, resembling stars in various colors and shades. In Japan, konpeito are not just popular treats – they are valuable gifts, even presented when visiting the imperial palace. Images of konpeito are often used in Japanese animation. The mono-bouquet "Konpeito" made of delightful matthiolas will be a pleasant compliment to a lady on a romantic date, an appropriate gesture of gratitude or friendly affection. A bouquet of matthiolas is given to a beloved woman, daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, business partner. Matthiolas are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, professional holidays. A beautiful bouquet of matthiolas will serve as a lovely decoration for a wedding celebration, a photoshoot, or advertising campaigns.
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