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"Bright Summer" bouquet
"Bright Summer" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
"Bright Summer" bouquet – order with delivery
1459 uah
1824 uah
Composition: 10 daisies, 1 blue hydrangea, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery time for today: From 11:00, if order payment is up to 10:30.
Express delivery: in 30 min.
"Bright Summer" is a luxurious, festive, summer arrangement composed of vibrant sunny daisies and magnificent, lush blue hydrangea blossoms, elegantly wrapped in a stylish blue pearlescent package with a cream satin ribbon.
Warm, sincere, and charming white daisies are little suns full of charm and love. Steeped in myths, legends, and folktales from different cultures, daisies have always been considered symbols of goodness, warmth, joy, and family happiness. Their simple, tender, and delicate beauty evokes warm feelings even in the most unapproachable and cold heart.
"Daisies are stars that fall from the sky at night, and with the sunrise, they bloom into beautiful flowers," says one legend.
Exquisite, incredible, and sweet flowers, daisies express pure love in the language of flowers, symbolizing family, a happy marriage, longevity, serenity, and kindness. Daisies are the symbol of a bright, beloved, warm summer.
In the "Bright Summer" bouquet, a vibrant, summery whirl of daisies surrounds the delicate blue hydrangea.
Hydrangea is something extraordinarily elegant, airy, and bright blue like the summer sky, a phenomenon created by nature. The lush, refined, modest, and romantic blooms of the bright blue hydrangea speak of humility, grace, purity, and love. The delicate beauty of the hydrangea unfolds gradually, filling the heart with lightness, positivity, warmth, peace, and confidence.
In the floral arrangement "Bright Summer," the sunny daisies embrace the blue hydrangea, creating an image of something familiar, dear, and reminiscent of childhood, when a field of daisies was embraced by a bright blue sky.
The luxurious bouquet "Bright Summer" is a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and first dates. "Bright Summer" is an excellent choice for a summer romantic photoshoot, a family celebration, a romantic dinner, or a wonderful way to congratulate personal victories and achievements. "Bright Summer" – a bouquet for the one and only, who should always be there, for whom every summer will be bright!
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