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"9 daisies" bouquet
"9 daisies" bouquet – delivery in Ukraine
"9 daisies" bouquet – order with delivery
Composition: 9 daisies, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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A delightful, vibrant, warm, and truly summery arrangement composed of 9 delicate, fluttering white daisies, presented in stylish yellow pearlescent wrapping with a white ribbon.
Bright, touching, and joyful daisies – a true adornment for a summer bouquet. Looking at these flowers lifts the mood, evokes positive emotions, and improves well-being. Daisies have been known to humanity for over four thousand years. Throughout the ages, numerous legends and myths have been woven around this flower. For Egyptian priests, the daisy symbolized the Sun God Ra; for the English, it was the "eye of the day"; in Feng Shui, the flower symbolized the energy of life, with its white petals representing the path to purification and healing. Myths from Ancient Rome interpreted the daisy as a symbol of simplicity and rebirth. In European countries, the daisy symbolized love, motherhood, and fertility. Legends, fairy tales, and myths from various cultures agree on one point: the daisy always represents good overcoming evil. Thus, the daisy symbolizes reconciliation, conflict prevention, healing wounds, and wishing for good health.
The daisy, a flower with sacred meaning, expresses pure love and symbolizes family and marriage, recovery and longevity, peace and tranquility, and victory over adversities. It is a symbol of summer, a magical and enchanting flower, and a subject of divination and rituals. Daisies have an exquisite and stunning appearance, making them a popular choice for gift bouquets for any occasion or just because.
A bouquet of 9 charming, sunny daisies can be given to a beloved girlfriend or woman, a mother, or a grandmother to lift the spirits of friends, colleagues, and loved ones or to create a festive atmosphere for a child. With a bouquet of sunny daisies, a marriage proposal becomes memorable and impactful.
A bouquet of 9 daisies is an excellent gift choice for birthdays, anniversaries, children's birthdays, or a first date. Special attention is rightly given to daisy bouquets in wedding ceremonies: it makes a touching bouquet for the bride, a decoration for arches, interiors, banquets, celebrations, and gift bouquets for guests and relatives.
A daisy bouquet is always a highlight of any celebration. A delicate, lovely, sunny flower carries a profound meaning called "Love, Joy, Happiness!".
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