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Composition: 3 red roses, 2 white eustomas, 2 branches of cream roses, greenery, 0.5 kg of strawberries, floral material, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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The floral-berry composition "Strawberry Love" is made from ripe, juicy, fragrant strawberries, magnificent rich red roses, delicate bushy cream roses, white eustoma, packed in a stylish red heart-shaped gift box. Strawberries are berries that bring love, a symbol of love. The Romans considered strawberries to be the berries of the goddess of love - Venus. The fragrant, sweet berry resembles a heart, according to ancient physicians, it relieves melancholy, sadness, and sorrow. If you divide the berry into two halves, give it to two people to eat, then romantic feelings will inevitably flare up between them. The floral part of the "Strawberry Love" romantic composition is represented by the queen among roses - the red rose. Red roses are a symbol of passionate, strong love, deep attachment, admiration. Red roses are complemented by delicate creamy bush roses. The creamy shade emphasizes the elegant shape of the flower, attracts attention to the velvety petals, embodies mystery, loyalty, warmth, tenderness, divinity. The saturation of bright red colors of the bouquet emphasizes the delicate, airy white eustoma. The tender eustoma with graceful petals and buds gives tenderness, peace, admiration, and love.
The "Strawberry Love" bouquet is about love - tender, passionate, for all times.
The "Strawberry Love" bouquet is about harmony - the color, taste, aroma of happiness.
The "Strawberry Love" bouquet is a luxurious gift for any woman. The scent of roses and the taste of strawberries is the feeling of warmth, summer, happiness, life. 
Such a gift will adorn a birthday, anniversary, anniversary, engagement, romantic evening, date. The floral-berry composition "Strawberry Love" will emphasize the solemnity of the wedding feast, a romantic photoshoot.
The "Strawberry Love" gift will tell about your feelings without words, leave indelible impressions, become a small family legend for future generations.
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