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"Blue bird" composition
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Composition: 1 blue hydrangea, orchid flower, blue eustoma, box 12*15, floral material, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery time for today: From 09:00, if order payment is up to 08:30.
The enchanting floral composition "Blue Bird" is crafted with elegant white orchids, captivating lace-like blue hydrangeas, and delicate, graceful blue eustomas, all beautifully arranged in a stylish, striking blue hatbox.
Orchids, the butterflies transformed into flowers, lightly touching the stems, are flowers that cover the sky in clusters and do not touch the earth with their roots. The divine and exquisite orchid is a beauty, perfection, refined luxury, tenderness, and magnificence. The white orchid is a fairy bringing love, a symbol of refinement, wisdom, and harmony. A porcelain aristocrat, the white orchid represents tenderness, love, faith, and purity.
The luxurious, lace-like, and lush blue hydrangea embodies elegance and modesty. Hydrangeas are the diplomatic flowers of the floral world. They foster understanding and friendship, offering warmth, care, and positive energy. The exquisite blue hydrangea is a beautiful and multifaceted symbol, representing calm and tranquility.
The blue eustoma adds its notes of elegance to the "Blue Bird" floral composition. Its delicate, funnel-shaped blue buds on graceful stems, with airy fluttering petals, evoke memories of warm sunshine, symbolizing the beauty of life, peace, and serenity. Eustomas are the perfect flowers for expressing appreciation, gratitude, deep and meaningful feelings, trust, and fidelity.
The flowers in the "Blue Bird" hatbox, like the "bluebird," symbolize happiness, joy, peace, and dreams destined to become reality.
The "Blue Bird" floral composition in a stylish hatbox is a wonderful, touching gift and the embodiment of dreams for birthdays, anniversaries, and children's birthdays.
The "Blue Bird" hatbox arrangement is the perfect choice for romantic dates, engagements, party decorations, wedding celebrations, romantic dinners, gatherings, receptions, and photo shoots.
Finding the Blue Bird means finding your happiness!
"What we usually lack is not happiness itself but the ability to be happy."
M. Maeterlinck, "The Blue Bird."
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