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Bouquet "Paradise" – from
Bouquet "Paradise" – delivery in Ukraine
Bouquet "Paradise" – order with delivery
2499 uah
3124 uah
Composition: 15 coral roses, 14 white roses, decoration.
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery date: May 27th, 2024.
Composition "Paradise" is collected from the luxurious roses of the variety "Miss Piggy" and white roses, decorated with satin ribbon. Peach-pink roses "Miss Piggy" is the complete embodiment of femininity, tenderness, lightness. Refined, fresh, thrilling, attractive, exhilarating roses "Miss Piggy" have two, very warm in tone, smoothly passing one into another shade: soft peach and deep coral. The uniqueness of the rose in the similar saturationess of two colors with a soft natural transition. In the bouquet, peach roses mean happiness, joy, vitality, admiration, delight. Symbolism strengthens elegant, solemn white roses. White has always had a sacred meaning. Everything distanted from the earthly bustle, the divine is painted white.  The white rose is the "queen of flowers" personifying spirituality and purity. Bouquet "Paradise" as a light tropical cocktail with peach notes, carries holiday, freshness, happiness. Paradise is a place of bliss and tranquility, a land of luxury. It is hard to imagine a case where a flower arrangement "Paradise" would be inappropriate. This chic bouquet is always by the way on any holiday: birthday, housewarming, anniversary, anniversary, childbirth. Bouquet "Paradise" will replace a thousand words, leave in memory vivid memories, and positive emotions, will create a warm atmosphere, aura of calm and peace. Roses will raise the mood, give confidence and happiness. And when a woman is happy, everyone around her is happy.
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