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Кімнатна рослина "Мірт" – від
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499 грн
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Найближча дата доставки: 22.05.2024.
Description of the plant:
Myrtle communis or ordinary is an evergreen shrub plant from the Myrtle family. It is characterized by dense, glossy, opposite leaves. The color of the leaf blades is dark green, they are located on short petioles.
Temperature: in the summer, a moderate temperature is needed - within + 18-20 degrees. But in winter, on the contrary, it is advisable to provide myrtle with a temperature of + 6-10 degrees.
Lighting: A location for the plant is best chosen with bright, but diffused lighting. Southeast or southwest orientation windows are best suited for this purpose.
Fertilizer: For the successful development of myrtle during the period of intensive growth from March to August, it is necessary to feed it once every two weeks with a complex mineral fertilizer for decorative leafy indoor crops. It should be diluted in strict accordance with the attached annotation.
Air humidity: Requires high air humidity. Periodic spraying with soft water at room temperature is very useful for myrtu.
Plant transplant: Young specimens of this culture need an annual transplant. It is carried out by transferring it into a more spacious container. In this case, the base of the trunk in relation to the soil should remain at the same level.
Reproduction: You can propagate myrtle by cuttings twice a year: in July and also in January. Usually, for this, slightly woody cuttings from 5 to 8 cm long are chosen. They should be taken from the lower or central part of the bush.
Color: assorted.

Height: up to 30 cm.

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