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Корзина "Объятия нежности" – от
Корзина "Объятия нежности" - доставка по Украине
Корзина "Объятия нежности" - заказать с доставкой
3659 грн
Описание корзины:
Сердце из роз и орхидей - для самой нежной и самой любимой женщины в мире!
Состав корзины: 35 кремовых роз, 5 цветков орхидеи, зелень, флористический материал, корзина. (Корзина может быть заменена на однотипную, в случае отсутствия данной модели на складе.)

Ближайшее дата доставки: 01.02.2023.

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Супер! Молодцы, все как заказывал! СПАСИБО!!!

I sent 51 Pink Tulips on March 8th International Woman's Day as well as an arrangement called "Wild Haze" a week later. A week after that I sent a flower basket of white roses and some balloons as well. Everything was perfect. There was some confusion with my March 8th Delivery, however the company not only apologized for the mix up (which is very rare) but also delivered another bouquet of flowers to make it right and to apologize and some candy too! These mix ups are very rare and happen rarely, however when and if they do, this company will fix them very quickly in Odessa. So nothing to worry about! As always a great service, I will be using your service over and over. Thanks so much for without a doubt the best service in Odessa and I'm sure within the Ukraine! ~Aaron

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