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Houseplant "Citrus-Limon" (Lemon Trellis) – from
Houseplant "Citrus-Limon" (Lemon Trellis) - delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Citrus-Limon" (Lemon Trellis) - order with delivery
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Description of the plant:
Citrus Limon (Lemon Trellis) - pretty popular citrus cultivation in the home. Distinguished by high dark brown trunk. The foliage has a matte green color. Fruits often with good circulation. The fruit has an elongated shape and bright yellow color.
Lighting: love diffused light, good stands as blackout.
Features: Citrus not lyuyuit drafts. Pruning is rarely necessary to them, just in case povredennyh branches. Dislikes and heaters. Putting them on the north side, you should not.
Temperature and humidity: citrus like spraying the crown, especially in summer. The temperature should be stable, about + 20-25 ° C. In winter, in the range 15-18.
Watering: watered regularly to keep the soil does not dry up. stagnation at the roots is fatal. Water should be upheld and soft - tap is not suitable.

Height: up to 40 cm.

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