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Houseplant "Citrus" (Kumquat) – from
Houseplant "Citrus" (Kumquat) – delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Citrus" (Kumquat) – order with delivery
1959 uah
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
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Description of the plant:
Citrus (Kumquat) - has a rather sophisticated cultivation. In any abrupt changes, I respond leaf fall. Shape rounded crown citrus, very beautiful and quite extensive. Fruiting beautiful orange fruit, they can be a perfectly round and slightly elongated.
Lighting: love diffused light. normally refers to the blackout. This plant can be placed on the south side.
Features: kumquat dislikes pererostaet pots, so the active growth of plants need a transplant in a more spacious housing. Do not keep next to a radiator, and a microwave. He does not like drafts, or, conversely, too warm air.
Temperature and humidity: Citrus need spraying, they can not tolerate the dry air of the apartment. And room temperature stable without fluctuations. In summer, in the area of ​​+ 20-25 degrees and in winter not lower than 16.
Watering: Watering is not necessary chlorinated water. need to be watered and defended soft. Experts advise to add a few drops of vinegar.

Height: 70 cm.

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