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Houseplant "Calamondin-Citrus" – from
Houseplant "Calamondin-Citrus" – delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Calamondin-Citrus" – order with delivery
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Description of the plant:
Calamondin (Citrus) - a fast-growing and decorative indoor plant - a hybrid of a tangerine kumquat tree. Such a plant will help to give the interior of your kitchen elegance and splendor. Easy to care for, it is sure to please grower caring for its flowers and exotic fruits.
Lighting: needs bright light for at least 8-12 hours per day. To ensure this it is necessary to arrange illumination of fluorescent lamps. But in the summer you need to pritenyat from direct midday sun. Grows well in the east or west window. You can not rearrange the plants from one place to another.
Temperature: the optimum temperature for a good ROSAT and budding +14 +18 degrees Celsius. In the summer on hot days the plant can be taken out onto the balcony. They do not like sudden drop in temperature, so at night they need to wrap burlap, gauze or a light blanket in 2 layers. He loves airy rooms, but you can not keep a window.
Humidity: winter requires regular spraying 2-3 times a day.
Watering: Spring needs regular and abundant watering, but not excessive - or roots can zagnivatsya. Excess water should be drained from the sump. In winter, watering is moderate, in proportion as the ground dries out the upper

Height: up to 40 cm.

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