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Houseplant "Podocarpus" macrophylla (sectional) – from
Houseplant "Podocarpus" macrophylla (sectional) - delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Podocarpus" macrophylla (sectional) - order with delivery
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Description of the plant:
Podocarpus (Nogoplodnik) macrophylla (sectional) - a plant that boasts an unusual structure of the trunk and the crown. This original form of guarantees him a harmonious combination with itererom room.
Care: Podocarpus is easy enough to care, but still worth it to limit the impact of drafts, excessive dryness of the air, and waterlogged. Fertilizing is recommended from April to September, 1-2 times per month.
Temperature: The ideal temperature for the well-being will be 18-20 ° C, in the winter, these values ​​are 12-15 ° C.
Watering: Watering signal will dry the top layer of soil, water use in moderation.
Lighting: to accommodate the plants best suited the penumbra area.
Humidity: you must strive to create high humidity, spray needles.

Height: 110 cm.

Nearest delivery date: Sep 25th, 2021.

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