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Houseplant "Croton" (branchy) - delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Croton" (branchy) - order with delivery
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Description of the plant:
Colorful Croton (branched) - a decorative foliage houseplant with excellent decorative data. Croton is of Asian origin and belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. Leaf croton has lavrovidnuyu form and unusual color: it combines the green, bright yellow and red colors. That is why this plant looks very elegant.
Croton - easy to care for the plant:
Temperature: 22-26 ° C in summer; Winter minimum of - 17 ° C.
Lighting: a very important point, because it is thanks to the light color of a croton leaf spotted. The light should be diffused or partial shade. In winter you can put in direct sunlight.
Watering: require copious irrigation. Before watering the soil should be dried up. Water only defend, warm and soft.
Humidity: should maintain high humidity. Croton require daily spraying and wipe the leaves on both sides.
Feeding is carried out in the period March-September 1 time per week in winter - 1 time per month. Croton afraid of dry air and drafts.

: 85 cm

Nearest delivery date: Aug 9th, 2021.

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