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Description of the plant:
Growing violets is one of the most rewarding activities for balancing the spirit. A pot of violets is perfect for a bedroom or for a nursery. These flowers are very unpretentious, even a child can grow a flower.
Temperature: At a temperature of 20 ° C, adult specimens bloom for a long time, flowers are large, stay on plants for a long time. For young, developing plants, recently separated from the mother leaf, it is better to set the temperature above 23-24 ° C.
Lighting: does not require bright lighting.
Fertilizer: Immunocytophyte is a multipurpose stimulator of plant growth and development defense reactions. Designed to increase disease resistance, resistance to adverse weather conditions, accelerate the growth and development of plants.
Air humidity: The optimum air humidity for our plants is 50-60%, but adult specimens are often content with less (30-40%) humidity with the correct temperature regime and regular watering.
Plant transplant: It is recommended to transplant violets once a year. The most favorable time for a transplant is April, May.
Reproduction: Peduncle. Reproduction of violets by a peduncle is used if it is necessary to preserve and transfer to the offspring a complex (fantasy) flower color. Leaflets. The best time for cutting violets is spring and summer. At this time, adventitious roots are formed faster, young plants grow stronger.

Color: assorted.

Height: up to 20 cm.

Nearest delivery date: Oct 29th, 2021.

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