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Houseplant "Bamboo" (standard) – from
Houseplant "Bamboo" (standard) – delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Bamboo" (standard) – order with delivery
12999 uah
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery date: May 24th, 2024.
Description of the plant:
Bamboo (ordinary) - a well-known plant, which is different dimensions. Homeland bamboo - tropical and subtropical areas of Australia, Asia and America. Today, with the help of such plants is decorated different rooms, but mostly uninhabited. Bamboo - a very tall plant, so in a small apartment does not make sense to keep it. But in the spacious office, restaurant, hotel or shopping center, this plant will be very to the article.
Care: We can say that it is not necessary for bamboo greatly care. This plant does not require special attention. You need to look to the ground was not dry, but not wet. From March to August every three weeks, you need to fertilize the bamboo.
Temperature: The plant does not like extreme heat, cold and temperature fluctuations. The best indicator for the summer - 18-20 ° C, and for the winter - 12-16 ° C.
Lighting: Bamboo likes bright light and the sun, but still keep it away from sunlight. Ideal ambient light.
Watering. Pay special attention to watering plants. Despite the fact that bamboo unpretentious care, you should carefully check the soil. Rewet and dry soil it is absolutely unsuitable.
Humidity: Sometimes it is better to spray the bamboo. Especially in the summer, and during the heating season. Do not place near very hot batteries.
Features: We need to pick up a pot for this plant. In nature, bamboo blooms only once at the age of 33 years.

Height: 160 cm.

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