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Lighting: bright but diffused illumination
Watering: lavish from spring till autumn, temperate in winter
Temperature:  temperate,  in winter not lower than 12*, but not higher than 20*
Air   humidity: needs frequent spraying of leaves
Replantation: every two years in spring.
Reproduction: by stalk grafts in summer. Plant hormones and heating of  the bottom of the pot for better and faster growing.
Size : 16 inches, 12 inches

Nearest delivery date: Oct 2nd, 2020.

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Спасибо, за выполнение заказа. Благодаря Вам мы смогли порадовать своих близких. Заказ исполнен в срок и точно. Успехов, мира и процветания Вашей фирме.

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