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Lighting: bright but diffused illumination
Watering: lavish during the period of growing, temperate in winter
Temperature: summer-18-20*, winter-12*
Air   humidity:  likes  high  humidity,  needs frequent spraying, warm shower. Doesn't stand droughts.
Ground:  mixture  2  parts  of  cespitose  ground, 1 part of deciduous ground, 1 part of cow muck, 1 part of sand
Replantation: young plants are replanted every year, plants older than 3  years  are  replanted  every  two  years(every year the plant needs
changing upper slice of the ground). During replantation one should be careful with roots.
Reproduction:  by  apical  grafts  or pieces of stalk in spring and in summer, by layers and seeds.

Nearest delivery date: Aug 4th, 2021.

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