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Lighting:  bright  but diffused illumination. Good place for the plant is  western  or eastern side of the house. It is possible to place the plant in the northern part of the house, if it is not too dark, in the southern part of the house there should be a shadow.
Watering: lavish from spring till autumn
Temperature: in summer 18-23*, in winter 12-14*
Air    humidity:  it is necessary to spray the leaves in summer and in winter if the plant is close to the central heating system
Replantation: in spring
Ground:  mixture of heavy cespitose and deciduous ground? sand(3:1:1). The ground should be always a little wet.
Fertilizing:  in  spring-summer  the  plant needs mineral fertilizers,
in-autumn-winter without fertilizers
Reproduction: in spring by branch bulbs

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