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Description of the plant:
The plant owes its scientific name to the beautiful bird ibis. The buds really resemble the outlines of the silhouettes of storks with a characteristic red plumage and a long curved beak. The leaves of the hibiscus are leathery, elliptical, bright green, slightly dissected at the edges or serrated, with pointed tops. Flowers are single, large, very decorative.
Temperature: In the spring-summer period - + 22 ... + 25C. With the beginning of autumn, it must be reduced to + 16C, and in winter to + 14C, which will have a positive effect on its decorative effect, as well as the better quality of flower buds. A lower temperature setting will lead to shedding of foliage. During the flowering period, you can provide the flower with a higher temperature, reaching + 30C.
Lighting: space is needed, bright, but diffused light, light nutritious and loose soil.
Watering: Hibiscus loves moist soil, so in summer it is watered abundantly 2-3 times a week, as overdried areas can cause wilting and shedding of leaves.
Reproduction: To increase the number of hibiscus at home, two main methods are used - seed and cuttings. With the help of seeds, breeders propagate the culture - for amateurs this method is quite laborious, and flowering can only be seen in a couple of years. Hybrid hibiscus can be planted by dividing the mother bush.
Humidity: Hibiscus thrives best with high humidity, which promotes lush and long-lasting flowering. Spraying in summer is an important part of proper care. The procedure is performed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In the spring and autumn, they are sprayed every two days.
Transfer: Hibiscus purchased in a pot should be left on the southeast side of the room for adaptation. After 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to transplant it into a new soil.
Top dressing: Top dressing is necessary complex, with a low nitrogen content. It is recommended to purchase a mixture for flowering plants. Fertilizers are applied in liquid form, first dissolving in water and watering the hibiscus under the root.
Pruning: Hibiscus branches can be shortened by 1/2 of their length annually to form the desired crown shape.

Color: assorted.

Height: up to 30 cm.

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Спасибо огромное за ту радость, которую вы доставили моей маме в ее День рождения:) Она в восторге от подарка! А я в восторге от того, что смогла сделать ей приятное, находясь за тысячи километров от дома. Огромная благодарность за то, что прислушались к "специальным пожеланиям" и нашли цветок редкой окраски. которого еще не было в маминой коллекции. Спа-си-бо!!!

Спасибо коллективу Вашей компании!!! Оперативно и красиво!!!

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