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Houseplant "Guzmaniya" – from
Houseplant "Guzmaniya" – delivery in Ukraine
Houseplant "Guzmaniya" – order with delivery
659 uah
Quality assurance: The flowers will last 5 days or we will replace the bouquet
Nearest delivery date: May 27th, 2024.
Description of the plant:
Guzmania is a spectacular tropical plant with elongated shiny leaves collected in a basal rosette, from the center of which an unusual spike-shaped inflorescence appears, formed by brightly colored bracts and white or yellow small flowers located between them.
Lighting: bright diffused light, partial shade, well-ventilated rooms, but without drafts, away from heat sources.
Watering: during the flowering period - abundant, but without waterlogging; during the rest period - rare, but without drying out the earthen coma. Do not pour water over the top of the tuber.
Temperature: during flowering 13-16 ° С, during dormancy - 10-18 ° С.
Transfer: if necessary at the end of summer. The tubers are planted in a wide dish to a depth of 3-5 cm, without completely covering them with earth.
Reproduction: division of the old tuber during the dormant period or by seeds (artificial pollination is necessary to obtain seeds).
Cropping: not required. Remove wilted leaves and faded flowers, being careful not to leave the bases of the pedicels prone to decay.
Top dressing: during active growth and flowering, once every two weeks with full mineral fertilizer.

Color: assorted.

Height: up to 40 cm.

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