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Dracaena (BIG)
Temperate temperature, not lower than 15*.
Lighting: light place, half-shadow, doesn't stand straight sun rays.
Watering: in summer-lavish, in winter-temperate,considering the inside
temperature.  Doesn't  stand  water  standstill  in the flower pot and
dryness of the ground.
Fertilizing:  during  the  period  of  growing(from April till August)
Dracaena  is  fertilized  with  special  mixture  of  manures for home
Air  humidity:  can  stand  dry  air, in winter demands regular spraying of the
leaves  if  the flower is in the place with central heating. From time
to  time  the  plant  needs  warm  spraying to clean the dust from the
Replantation: every two years in spring.
Ground: mixture of heavy cespitose and deciduous ground.
Reproduction: by apical grafts or pieces of stalk.
Size: 39 inches, 23 inches
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