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Description of the plant:
The cactus is one of the most mysterious on the planet. These succulents can go for months without moisture and grow in the poorest soils in the complete absence of nutrients. The adaptive characteristics of cacti allow them not only to survive under the scorching sun, but also to bloom.
Soil: Ready soil "Cactus" or 1 part of sod and leafy soil, humus, peat, sand.
Lighting: Photophilous. Requires bright light, especially in winter.
Watering: In the spring, watering is gradually increased. In the period from late spring to late summer, the regime is the same as that of other indoor plants, i.e. as needed and preferably with warm water. From late summer to winter, watering is reduced, watered occasionally and little by little.
Air humidity: Do not require additional spraying and air humidification.
Transplanting: Annually, at a young age. The new pot should be slightly larger than the old one.
Reproduction: In most species, cuttings root easily in spring or summer. Cuttings are dried for several days (large cuttings will take 1-2 weeks) before planting in a peat-based substrate.

Height: up to 15 cm.

Nearest delivery date: Oct 18th, 2021.

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Everything arrived on time. The quality of the flowers and plant were excellent. Thank you.

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