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Description of the plant:
The vast majority of cultivated species of the genus Anthurium are epiphytes, which imposes special requirements on indoor cultivation. Many species grow well in warm, humid greenhouses.
Temperature: All members of the Anthurium genus need evenly warm maintenance throughout the year, without drafts. In summer, the optimum temperature is in the range of 20-28 ° C, not lower than 18 ° C. If possible, keep plants at 15-16 ° C from September to February. If you want the anthurium to bloom earlier, then in January the temperature is gradually increased to 20-25 ° C.
Lighting: Anthuriums prefer diffused light, and tolerate partial shade well. Shade from direct sunlight. Windows with east and northwest orientation are optimal for them.
Fertilizer: Anthuriums are fed in the spring-summer period once every 2-3 weeks. Since anthuriums are sensitive to an excess of mineral salts and lime, fertilizers are applied in a diluted concentration. As a complex fertilizer, Azofoska can be recommended at a concentration of 1 g / l with the addition of potassium humate in an amount of 200-300 mg / l. The most effective are weekly foliar dressings.
Air humidity: Anthuriums like high air humidity - 85-95%. All anthuriums suffer from dry air in living quarters, especially species with beautifully colored, thinner leaves.
Plant transplant: Transplant plants at the beginning of regrowth or during the growing season from February to August. When transplanting, care should be taken with leaves and easily breaking roots. Plants are planted a little deeper than they grew before transplanting in order to deepen the young roots. Young plants are replanted annually, gradually increasing the size of the pots.
Reproduction: Seed propagation. The flowers of anthuriums are bisexual, that is, each flower has stamens and pistils. However, they ripen unevenly. Immediately after the deployment of the veil from the bottom of the ear, moving gradually upward, female flowers - pistils - ripen, secreting secretory fluid. Then only after 3-4 weeks pollen appears - male flowers ripen. Vegetative reproduction. Anthurium is successfully propagated by stem suckers and apical cuttings. Stem suckers with good roots can be easily removed from the main stem and planted immediately in appropriately sized pots. If there are no roots or they are poorly developed, the offspring can be pre-rooted in sand or perlite. When rooting, it is necessary to cover the plants with a transparent film or use greenhouses, providing them with increased humidity. Apical cuttings are also rooted.

Color: assorted.

Height: up to 40 cm.

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Все было супер

Огромное спасибо за доставленные цветы для моего мужа. День рождения УДАЛСЯ благодаря Вам.

Большое спасибо за выполненный заказ!!! Племяннице понравился! Просила, чтоб цветочек был цветущий...Выполнили все, как просила! Большое вам спасибо!

Это мой первый заказ. Всё получилось отлично. Благодарен за Ваши услуги.

Спасибо,что Вы есть!Операторы очень вежливые,курьеры милые!Всё отлично!Друзья довольные подарками!Я уже несколько лет пользуюсь услугами фирмы Flowers ,и очень довольна!Спасибо!Рекомендую всем!

P.S. Отдельное спасибо оператору Ирине Огородник!!! Вы лучшая из лучших! Спасибо за помощь в моей ситуации!!!

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Огромное спасибо! Всё в лучшем виде, даже лучше, чем я мог предположить! Все довольны, цветы, как на картинке.

Огромное спасибо! Всё в лучшем виде, даже лучше, чем я мог предположить! Все довольны, цветы, как на картинке.

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