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With colored balloons bright holiday to your recipient is guaranteed! This gift will be a wonderful addition to a bouquet or basket of flowers. We add into balloon the special solution that increases the flight of balloons in 4-5 times (from 2 days to 2 weeks) - bright balloons will please your recipient for a long time!
Composition: 5 latex multicolored helium balloons. (Balloons in stock. Balloon can be replaced with the same type, in case of absence of this model in stock. Colour and shape of the balloon can be changed as you like. To clarify the changes, please contact our manager.)
Colour: multicolored with pictures.

Nearest delivery date: Sep 23rd, 2021.

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Огромное спасибо! Всё качественно и в срок. Вы подарили радость дорогому мне человеку. Обязательно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в ближайшее время, и буду рекомендовать вас своим друзьям.

Спасибо огромное!!!!!! Все чудесно!

Спасибо за услугу! Менеджеры работают вежливо с понимаем и главное с терпением!!! Отдельное спасибо менеджеру Валентине!!! Успехов коллективу в целом!!!

Спасибо всей команде ,Все выполнено в срок и как заказывала. Восторг и удивление именниницы незабываемы )))). Спасибо.

I sent 51 Pink Tulips on March 8th International Woman's Day as well as an arrangement called "Wild Haze" a week later. A week after that I sent a flower basket of white roses and some balloons as well. Everything was perfect. There was some confusion with my March 8th Delivery, however the company not only apologized for the mix up (which is very rare) but also delivered another bouquet of flowers to make it right and to apologize and some candy too! These mix ups are very rare and happen rarely, however when and if they do, this company will fix them very quickly in Odessa. So nothing to worry about! As always a great service, I will be using your service over and over. Thanks so much for without a doubt the best service in Odessa and I'm sure within the Ukraine! ~Aaron

Спасибо большое, как всегда . Всё на высшем уровне !!!!

Спасибо за быструю и качественную работу, а так же за свежие цветы и нарядного курьера. Сделали этот праздник (8 марта) по-настоящему незабываемым!

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